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  • Isaan—the next chapter
    God is up to something big! Remarkable growth is taking place in the Isaan Hub and the harvest is plentiful.
  • The surprising 180˚ turn
    We did not fully understand the level of resistance as a community to us here until now. Now, however, it seems to us like the entire village has finally come to a communal decision that we are OK and that our message is worth listening to.
  • A home beyond their wildest dreams
    Excitement grew daily as every child anticipated the move into the beautiful new building. Not a day passed without a small group of kids and their carers heading out to inspect the new homes and see how much progress had been made. Each day one of the team would be pulled aside and asked, “When are we going to move? Is it today? Tomorrow?”
  • A light has dawned
    Imagine getting baptised in the middle of a Siberian winter when it is minus 30˚C! In Isaiah 9:1 the Scripture says ‘a people walking in darkness have seen a great light.’ That darkness is of course spiritual for many, but also physical for Artur. He has seen the great light of Jesus!
  • Making Jewellery, Making Disciples
    Paballo lost his mother to mental illness when he was 11, and he had to drop out of school at age 15 after his father passed away - but that’s not the end of this young man’s story. Far from it.
  • Games and Posters and the Gospel
    In the heart of South America there is a deep need for God’s truth, and not just because generations of Bolivians have suffered under a mix of fear-based superstitions and syncretistic traditions. It’s also because kids just need to know Jesus.

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