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  • A La Miracles
    If I said the words “Madonna and Lourdes” you might start thinking about the controversial singer and her daughter. But did you know that Lourdes is a town in France that is captivated by worship of The Madonna, the mother of Jesus?
  • Pass it on
    When new believers invite their neighbours around to hear stories from the bible, the local mean guy shows up. Read how God writes a new story, even as they are telling the bible story.
  • The Ends of the Earth
    One remarkable Aussie family is serving God below zero
  • Wheels Up
    From fear and doubt to seeing first hand that God can do anything, journey through the back-story of one of our workers to how a move of God began – and pray with us for continued fruit.
  • Precious Possession
    “While reading the Bible online, I found it was written in a totally different way than the Qur’an,” Rahman says.


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