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Mission in Poland





  • No strings attached
    What coconuts in a tiny Pacific nation have to do with God's free gift.
  • Nepal: the recovery
    Our members have been blown away by your generous donations to the earthquake relief work, which has enabled them to do more than they could have imagined.
  • Scattered
    Fleeing violence in their home country, Roh people have scattered throughout Southeast Asia. Hear Auntie's story and how she came to know peace.
  • I want to learn about Jesus
    Occasionally we hear about a chain of events so surprising, so completely unexpected that we instantly know it HAS to be God at work.
  • The surprising 180˚ turn
    We did not fully understand the level of resistance as a community to us here until now. Now, however, it seems to us like the entire village has finally come to a communal decision that we are OK and that our message is worth listening to.
  • A home beyond their wildest dreams
    Excitement grew daily as every child anticipated the move into the beautiful new building. Not a day passed without a small group of kids and their carers heading out to inspect the new homes and see how much progress had been made. Each day one of the team would be pulled aside and asked, “When are we going to move? Is it today? Tomorrow?”


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