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Sweet Dreams

A Story of Faith and Persecution

Perhaps one of the greatest heartaches we carry as Christ followers is watching those we love spend their lives apart from Jesus.

Saahir, a Pioneers worker living and working among Muslim refugees, knows that grief all too well. Forced to leave Iran at age 22, he fled to England where he “fell in love with the person of Jesus”, all while his family back home continued to recite the Salaah five times a day.

Desperately wanting his family to have the hope that was now his, he told them about his new faith over the phone, but it did not go well. “The first experience was very, too hard,” he explains. Not only were they shocked by what he had to say, but his sister and father were arrested and questioned for even participating in a conversation about Jesus.

So Saahir did the only thing he could. “God, please have mercy for them,” he begged, “I know they could control the phone, but they couldn’t control your hand. Holy Spirit you are free to move in every country.” Everyday he prayed, and everyday he trusted, believing that God would do for his family what he could not.

Six months later, he received an email from one of his sisters. She told him she recently felt God speaking to her through a message broadcasted on a Christian satellite station. At the end of the email were the words: “I gave my life to Jesus.” Now of the same faith, brother and sister celebrated, drawing strength from each other for the work ahead.

Soon, Skype became available, and Saahir took full advantage of it. Every chance he got, he presented the gospel to his family for as long as they would listen. One sister in particular grew resistant. “She couldn’t believe,” describes Saahir, “and she was saying, ‘You brainwashed!’”

Several months later, he received a Skype call from this same sister. Through her tears, she told him earlier that day, a woman had walked up to her while she was getting in a taxi and handed her a Bible. She gave it back, but the stranger said “God spoke to me to give you this Bible,” and put it firmly in her hands, this time to stay.


“So imagine in Tehran, the capital city,” says Saahir, his amazement still evident as he retells the story, “there’s, eh, more than 14 million people live, God speak to someone, ‘Take the Bible to someone,’ and if the police arrest, that person could go to the prison!” The significance of the event was not lost on either of them, and Saahir’s sister began reading right away. By the time she reached the end of the New Testament, she was convinced Jesus died for her, but she couldn’t bring herself to follow him. Then one night, she saw Jesus in her dream. “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through me,” he told her, “and the gift in your womb is my gift to you.” The next day, she gave her life to him.

The dreams didn’t stop with her. Another of Saahir’s sisters wanted nothing to do with Christianity, even after seven years of hearing the gospel from her brother and seeing Jesus in two of her dreams. “You’re not believin’ in dreams?” Saahir finally told her, “Okay, wait for him.” After he appeared to her in a third dream, she relented.

“Why I’m sharing this for you,” says Saahir earnestly, “because you could pray for those countries. Keep praying, keep asking God to his visitation.” Saahir’s sisters are not the only ones seeing Jesus in dreams. In what has been termed a “phenomenon”, millions of Muslims from all over the world are being prompted to investigate the person of Jesus through dreams and visions – Saahir included. “Holy Spirit working, touching, speaking,” he says with confidence, “God so loved the Muslims, and Jesus himself appear to them through dreams and vision.”

And how could He not? No one grieves the lost more than the one who went to the cross to get them back, and no one is pursuing the lost harder than He is. For those who have yet to accept Jesus, let us follow our brother’s example and pray with equal parts fervor and trust. For those who have just entered the Kingdom – whether by dreams or satellite stations or good conversations over coffee – let us celebrate like we have never celebrated before. And for those of us who put our trust in Jesus long ago, let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.

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